Studio L2 – Pilates Wellness Center

The Southwest Metro’s premier Pilates studio.

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REFORMer+ - All Levels
Power TOWER - All Levels
REFORMer/ TRX Combo - All Levels
Open Studio - Intermediate/Advanced
CORE Classic - Intermediate/Advanced Levels

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Our most popular packages and promotions.

Complimentary Pilates Consultation
Are you ready to feel good in your body again?   Or maybe ready to lose your lockdown weight gain?  Did you Google “Pilates Near Me” but you’re still a little hesitant to commit to a new kind of exercise?   (I mean, those Reformers look intimidating, right?)  Or are you an experienced Pilates student who lost your home studio due to the Pandemic?  Or maybe you’d feel safer in a boutique studio vs a large gym?  Whatever you’re feeling, we’re here for you!  If you’re new to Pilates, come on in for a Complimentary Consultation so you can see our Studio, talk about your wellness goals, and hop on the Reformer for a bit. (It will feel GREAT…I promise!)   

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New Student Special
During your New Student Special, you’ll work one on one with one of instructors to discover your Powerhouse, learn the Pilates Fundamentals, and gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates Principles of Breathing, Concentration, Precision, Centering, Flowing Movement and Control. You’ll also learn beginning exercises on all the apparatus, and feel yourself growing stronger from the inside, out!  These 3 private classes can be custom tailored to meet your objectives of attending classes or continuing on with private sessions.  Get started today on your Pilates Journey with our New Student Special!

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Complimentary Transfer Consultation
If you’ve done Pilates at a different location, sign up for our 30-minute Complimentary Transfer Consultation.  We’ll give you a tour of the studio,  talk about your goals, and get a short workout in.  Maybe some Short Spine…Legs in Straps…ahhhhh!

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