It\'s not so much \"About us\" as it is About YOU!

It’s not so much "About Us" as it is About YOU!

We’re here to provide you with quality movement in a safe, inclusive, non-judgemental environment.  Our goal is that you leave Studio L2 feeling better than you did when you arrived…both physically and mentally! 

At Studio L2, we teach the classical Pilates repertoire with a dash of contemporary flair!

What does that mean for you? With over 500 classical exercises and countless variations, we never teach the same class twice.  Your classes will always be challenging and fresh!  We have students who have been coming 2-3 times a week for over 10 years and they still thank us for never letting them get bored.

We’re proud to teach this tried and true movement system, helping you become stronger, flexible and more balanced.

What does that mean for you? You’ll be able to bend over and put your socks on with ease.  You’ll be able to get up and down off the floor in less than 5 minutes sans the grunting.  (Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about!) You’ll amaze yourself at how you progress and master the exercises.  You’ll find yourself taking strokes off your golf game, winning more tennis matches (or pickleball!), and find your knees don’t hurt so much when you ride your Peloton.  Ah, life is so much better with Pilates!

Our highly trained, Nationally Certified teachers are dedicated to “teaching the bodies in front of them.”

What does that mean for you? Our teachers are the bomb!  They put in over 500 hrs learning anatomy, exercises and equipment, and then sat for a very difficult national test.  Kudos to them, and yay for you, because they never mail it in.  They love putting all that knowledge and experience to good use!  Our classes are intentionally small (5 people per class, max) so you have their full attention during your entire session.  Because of our tight community, they get to know you individually and how you move.  So knowing that you had rotator cuff surgery four months ago, your teacher may give you a modification while challenging another student who has quite a bit of experience.  You’ll both leave class feeling like it was custom tailored for you because, well…it was!

We have “teachers” not “instructors.”

What does that mean for you? Our teachers won’t be getting in their own workout during class, meaning you won’t be “copying” what they’re doing.   Sure they may demonstrate an exercise now and again, but their job is to teach you how to set up and execute the different exercises safely and effectively.  They’ll accomplish that through both verbal and tactile cueing.  

See the pattern here? Studio L2 is all about YOU!

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